Film Rage

Episode 76 - Nicolas Cage vs. Willem Dafoe

February 10, 2021

Welcome back ragers to the best movie review podcast on the planet. The rage rolls on from the Film Rage Studio.
This week the Film Rage Crew review five films before the main event. That being the Mesmerize Off which pits Nicolas Cage against Willem Dafoe in a mesmerizing battle for the ages.


Little Big Women (2020)-Netflix-3:10
Malcolm and Marie (2021)-Netflix-20:21
Bliss (2021)-Prime-18:07

Off the CUFF Special Event-

PVT Chat (2020)-25:07

18th Annual Human Rights Film Festival (FREE EVENT)-

Maxima (2019)-33:24

Open Rage

Jim's open rage- Streaming older content-42:10
Bryce's open rage- and The Golden Globe for Best Actor goes to...-45:39

The Lists

The Mesmerized Off- Nicolas Cage vs. Willem Dafoe-52:03

Rage or Dare

Dog Eat Dog (2016)-1:00:14
Bryce reaches deep inside Jim's bag of rage-1:06:54


Thanks Ragers for listening to our film review podcast.

Rage On!!!

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