Film Rage

Episode 121 - Butterbun Cabbagepatch in a Western!

December 8, 2021

Welcome back ragers to the best movie review podcast on the planet. The rage rolls on from the Film Rage Studio.
This week the Film Rage Crew watched the new Bandersnatch Cucumber movie and also witnessed some wacky sci-fi goodness from Japan. Also we review the latest gem starring Joaquin Phoenix.
Introduction-0:00 -1:42


The Power of the Dog (2021)-Netflix-3:14

In Cinema

Wolf (2021)-13:30
C'mon C'mon (2021)-21:20

CUFF Secret Screening-

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2021)-30:10

Open Rage

Jim's open rage-the beginning ruined the film-36:16
Bryce's open rage-No Mickey Reese at my local theatre-38:06

The Murman Minute-41:19

The Lists

James Caan-Doubted? (the debate continues)-46:35

Rage or Dare

Johnson Family Vacation (2004)-56:29
Jim and Bryce pick from the fans Dare Bag-1:02:15


Thanks Ragers for listening to our film review podcast.

Rage On!!!

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