Film Rage

Episode 125 - The Mondo 10 and Rage 5 for 2021

January 5, 2022

Welcome back ragers to the best movie review podcast on the planet. The rage rolls on from the Film Rage Studio.
This week the Film Rage Crew release their lists for the best and worst of 2021 with the Mondo 10 and the Rage 5.
Introduction-0:00 -2:16

The Rage 5 for 2021 (worst movies of the year)

Bryce's Rage 5- 3:53
Murray's Rage 5- 8:49
Jim's Rage 5- 13:26

The Mondo 10 for 2021 (best movies of the year)

Murray's Mondo 10- 19:19
Jim's Mondo 10- 26:06
Bryce's Mondo 10- 33:39

First Annual Film Rage Award

Jim- Best Picture goes to...-44:14
Bryce- Best performance goes to...-47:12
Murray- Best Super Hero Film goes to...-47:34

Open Rage (biggest rage of 2021)

Jim's open rage-Superhero Movies-49:29
Bryce's open rage-Remakes and Sequels-51:11

The Murman Minute-54:19

The Lists

James Caan-On the verge of Doubted?-58:43

Rage or Dare

Dance Flick (2009)-1:03:39
Bryce picks from Jim's stinky bag-1:05:17


Thanks Ragers for listening to our film review podcast.

Rage On!!!

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