Film Rage

Episode 151- In VOD We Trust

July 6, 2022

Welcome back ragers to the best movie review podcast on the planet. The rage rolls on from the Film Rage Studio.

This week the Film Rage Crew went to The Phantom of the Open starring Mark Rylance and Sally Hawkins in cinema. Then they streamed two films on VOD that left them in awe. 

Introduction-0:00 -1:32


Flux Gourmet (2022)-3:36

The Innocents (2022)-10:00

In Cinema

The Phantom of the Open (2022)-21:37

The Murman Minute-28:47

Open Rage

Jim's open rage-Super Hero movies......again-29:27
Bryce's open rage-I watched two amazing films on VOD-37:42

The Lists

Mesmerized Off- McDormand vs. Dafoe-34:53

Another Mesmerized Off proposed-39:28

Sally Hawkins no longer Undoubted?-40:53

Rage or Dare

The Patriot (1998)-42:23
Jim pulls from the Fans Dare Bag three times-50:10


Thanks Ragers for listening to our film review podcast.

Rage On!!!

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