Film Rage

Episode 88 - Film Rage Goes Underground (Part 2)

April 30, 2021

Welcome back ragers to the best movie review podcast on the planet. The rage rolls on from the Film Rage Studio.
This week the Film Rage Crew have now seen the entire Calgary Underground Film Festival except for two movies and here is what they think.
Introduction-0:00 -1:24

CUFF 2021

Workhorse Queen-3:02
Fully Realized Humans-4:28
Keyboard Fantasies- The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story-8:10
Together Together-10:40
Range Roads-13:32
Vicious Fun-17:12
Frank and Zed-21:04
End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock-23:37
The Last Matinee-30:03
Late Night Cravings Shorts Package-44:40
Quintessential Quirk Shorts Package-52:15


Thanks Ragers for listening to our film review podcast.

Rage On!!!

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